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Counselor & Attorney at Law 

Ann Marquez is dedicated and passionate for a child’s best interests and their rights.  She has extensive experience in matters of Child Abuse & Neglect, International Parental Child Abduction, Child Custody  and Visitation, and Pediatric/Adolescent Neurological Rehabilitation.

As a former agency attorney for the Administration for Childlren’s Services, New York City’s Child Protective Services, Ann Marquez represented the agency in over 1500 various child protective proceedings, litigated more than 100 trials, and negotiated numerous cases for an alternative resolution.  As a result, Ann Marquez gained significant insight into  advocating for the “best interests” of the child.  This firm is dedicated to seek reform in both government policy and law, and to provide strong advocacy for a child’s best interests.

As for International Parental Child Abduction, Ann Marquez represented a “left behind” parent in one of the most complex cases of parental abduction.  This firm was  retained in September 2010 by a “left behind parent” whose child was abducted nearly two years earlier.  Ann Marquez commenced Hague proceedings in federal court,  argued exceptions to the statute of limitations, and the child was returned to our client within weeks.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Ann Marquez served as a former healthcare administrator and clinical marketer in rehabilitation.  Ann Marquez effectively advocated for children to clinicians and insurance case managers for the treatment provided by a nationally known Neurological Rehabilitation Network that specialized in traumatic brain-injury as opposed to the placement of children in a less qualified facility.  Ann Marquez is thoroughly familiar with the utilization of a multi-disciplined team coupled with “evidence based treatment” that promotes best practices in all phases of rehabilitation for children.

It is the combination of Ann Marquez’s education and experience that provide her with significant insight and skills to effectively advocate for children, for their best interests, and their rights.