International Parental Child Abduction

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (“Hague”) was implemented in an effort to deter Parental Child Abduction (aka Parental kidnapping),  and restore the “status quo” of the abducted child to the jurisdiction prior to the wrongful removal.  However, the Hague Convention is limited to only “signatory countries” that have agreed to assist in the recovery of the abducted child and establish Central Authorities within each county to implement and execute the Hague Convention.  Here in the United States, the Central Authority is the U.S. Department of State. 

The purpose of the Hague: (1) to secure the immediate return of a child wrongfully removed or wrongfully retained in any Signatory Country; and (2) to ensure that rights of custody and access under the law of one Contracting State are effectively respected in other Contracting States. 

The Hague does not settle custody disputes, but serves as an agreement between signatory countries for the mandated return of the child to his or her circumstances, prior to the abduction or wrongful retention if this occurred in violation of the left behind parent’s custody rights. 

The Hague only applies to cases where a child under the age of sixteen (16) years has been removed from his or her habitual residence in breach of rights of custody.

This firm recognizes the suffering of any parent faced with the realization that their child has been abducted.  This firm will aggressively advocate for the parent and/or child in such crisis, to seek either a voluntary return of the child or judicial intervention.

TESTIMONIAL:  I am Ecuadorian and in 2006 I moved to New York. Over there I married an Ecuadorian man and shortly thereafter we had a child. Unfortunately, our marriage did not worked out. We returned to Ecuador but after a while my husband basically abducted my son and brought him to NY. Although I tried through all possible avenues, I could not get a visa for the US. I filed an application under The Hague Convention but still there was no way for me to get to NY. The situation was very difficult. Things got worst when I was informed that my husband had beaten the child, who was only four years old. The police intervened and my son was temporarily assigned to a friend of mine. Still I could not get to the US and I was really struggling knowing that my son was so far away from his mother in such a difficult situation. I got advise from a local lawyer but had no result whatsoever. I was really desperate, felt powerless and with no guidance. This is when Mrs. Ann Marquez entered into the picture. She immediately took care of the matter, spent her precious time in communicating with me extensively. She handled the case with outstanding professional attention and experience and, at the same time, great humanity and personal touch. Very rapidly, she was able to guide me through the process. Just before Christmas 2010 I was able to enter in the US through an humanitarian parole application and attend the hearing. My son was assigned to me and few weeks after we were able to move to Milano, Italy where we both now live happily and together. This painful story had an happy ending for me and this is all thanks to Mrs. Ann Marquez, her full dedication, energy and professional expertise. I highly recommend Mrs. Ann Marquez..”  Licenia Lucas

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